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18u30: MFH

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Does Bizkit Park even need an introduction? In 2018 they turned the Vondel completely upside down and this year they are back to remind us once again that Nu Metal is not an obscure subgenre, but the soundtrack of an entire generation!

For the uninitiated: Bizkit Park performs covers of all kinds of prominent Nu Metal bands. Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, Disturbed, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Papa Roach, they all get their time to shine. Known for their tight and energetic sets, Bizkit Park has been a fixture in Belgium and beyond for years. In 2019 they played at Studio Brussel's Het Zwaarste Feest (The Heaviest Party), they made Graspop unsafe that same year and this year they were allowed to appear at Alcatraz for the second time. No shortage of experience.

The Vondel will be bursting at the seams with a closing act of this caliber at Heaven's Door Revival!

Ultimate Guns Tribute - Logo 2020 2.jpeg

The world's most dangerous Guns n' Roses Tribute.

Ultimate Guns is not a bar band that just plays a few Guns n' Roses songs. This is "The Real Deal". You'd almost swear you were in a time capsule and launched straight back into 1987.

Both in terms of music and showmanship, this tribute band is almost indistinguishable from the original during their heyday. Even down to the smallest details, Ultimate Guns will perform a setlist with all the big hits, complemented by the most famous bangers and sing-alongs.

In 2016, this fantastic band had the opportunity to climb onto our stage and we were so impressed that we simply had to have them on our anniversary edition.

Time for a trip down memory lane, to the days of Appetite For Destruction, Lies and Use Your Illusion.
You know where you are?



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You read it right: a 'Double Feature' of 2 bands in 1 set at Heaven's Door Revival X! For we are not the only ones celebrating an anniversary.

Both the Belgian heavy metal band KILLER and the cover band BLACKJACK (mainly consisting of the same band members) are celebrating their 40th and 20th anniversary respectively. And they will do so in style, with a special show that will consist of a combination of KILLER songs and covers of other rock and heavy metal bands.

Those who were already actively involved with heavy metal in the eighties could not get around KILLER. The 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' was a fact and bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard inspired Paul 'Shorty' Van Camp to unleash this sound on Belgian territory with his new band KILLER.

They were effectively the first Belgian band in this new metal genre and soon their popularity rose exponentially. A lot of tours in Europe (and beyond) followed and today, 40 years later, KILLER is still a welcome band at many festivals.


However, the band members have not been sitting still in those 40 years.

20 Years ago they formed the cover band BLACKJACK. They bring energetic covers of various classic rock, hard rock and blues bands. Think especially of Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Jimi Hendrickx, AC/DC,...


This show will be a combination of all the best KILLER songs through the years and a lot of covers of songs that we all can sing along with, guaranteed.


This will be a show you don't want to miss!!!



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Prepare for covers with balls!
Hailing from Ledegem, MFH started in 2005 with four people, with a lifegoal of turning any party upside down. Bringing their own style of cover songs from many prominent bands, they aim to add the fire to any event they play.

Their mix of covers ranging from metal, punk, hardcore and thrash from all kinds of bands through the ages, is bound to get anyone headbanging.
Expect 'covers with balls' from Metallica, Muse, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, Foo Fighters, DogEatDog and many more!

MFH closed down the evening at Heaven's Door in 2019 and this year they will be the opening act. Don't miss it!

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