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Pablo Honey is a '90s grunge tribute band that gathers musicians from several top Belgian acts such as RHEA, Ramkot, King Hiss and Aarde Aan Daan. Out of love for the most epic rock decade ever, they puzzled together a selection of rock and grunge classics guaranteed to force any music lover to headbang/dance (strike what doesn't fit). An entire set feasting on bellowing songs that colored the '90s and are branded so hard in the collective memory that you can't help but sing along loudly.

There are few bands that can flawlessly deliver the songs of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, among others. The vocals of Jan Coudron (King Hiss), the ripping guitars of Guillaume Lamont (RHEA) and Tim Leyman (Ramkot) and the retest tight rhythm section Hanne Vandekerckhove (Earth to Daan) and Jason Bernard (King Hiss) succeed effortlessly. They treat the audience to a nostalgic trip to the heydays of alternative rock and are intent on playing every stage in the Low Countries to shreds.

The formula proves to be a success, because after passages at various festivals and clubs, only one conclusion can be drawn: grunge is alive and well. High time to revive the supreme music era!

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MANTAH is a West Flemish metal band that saw the light of day during the pandemic and is based in Torhout.

The musical style is described as modern metal with a nod to the 90's. Inspiring bands are of course the well-known nu-metal acts Korn, Linkin Park and Static-X, but modern descendants like Bring me the horizon and I Prevail also like to sneak into the music.

The band members all have experience on big stages (Pukkelpop, Graspop, Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze, ... ) albeit with other projects. They now want to make their mark on the Belgian and Dutch scene with the combined experience within the team.

A show not to be missed at Heaven's Door Revival 2024!



Who can call themselves a metalhead and not have heard of the legendary Judas Priest? They are one of the founding fathers of the genre, active since 1974 and still going strong! Painkiller, Breaking the Law, Turbo Lover, Electric Eye,... All great hits that we can sing along to at the top of our voices. At least, if you have the vocal pipes of frontman Rob Halford. And that is exactly what tribute band SILVERWOLF excels at!
It was about time a quality Priest tribute band was on our stage and with SILVERWOLF we believe we have found the best.
With members from different musical backgrounds in their ranks, SILVERWOLF pays a fantastic tribute to one of the greatest metal bands ever. Come discover them and be transported back to the heyday of Heavy Metal!

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SHOCKER is a hard rock / heavy metal band from the West Flemish town of Kuurne. Formed in 2018, the band released a self-released self-titled EP in 2021. Two years later, they treated us to their debut album 'Fractured Visions Of The Mind'.

Consisting of former members of After All, Anesthesy and Artrach, among others, Shocker brings melodies that break genre barriers.
Some describe them as a mix of heavy metal with influences of psychedelic 70's rock.
But they don't tie themselves to specific subgenres.
As the band itself rightly proclaims, "Shocker brings you music without boundaries. Influences from a variety of angles. We refuse to be shackled".


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